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EPICA is a creative-driven, full-service 2D/3D animation and visual effects studio with offices in India and UAE.The company, a part of India's leading media enterprises, is focused on high quality 2D/3D animation, Visual effects and stereoscopic 3D content conversion.

The Epica team brims with new energy and talent bringing together years of experience and excitement. We work with a clear understanding of what our client wants.

CEO & Founder of Aries Group of Companies

The creation of finesse and art is Animation. It’s not a child’s play as it seems to be. At Epica, We have Award-winning master tailors to make the 2D content look effortless and magical at the same time. It’s a two dimensional format producing the illusion of moving pictures. Our team of artists work tirelessly to create and tell inspiring stories in 2D. This is the best form of art and in the hands of experts – Epica

With highly talented and experienced artists at Epica, we believe in being the number one Stereoscopic Studio to successfully deliver projects including main stream 3D Films, Corporate Films, Advertisements, Medical, Educational and Gaming.

Illusion of motion in three dimensional format is known popularly as 3D Animation. Making 3D animation smooth and close to reality made us fortunate enough to be recognised in the space of 3D animation as one of the best. From detailed modelling to lighting techniques to textures and finally to high quality rendering, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes. Our artists and designers create script to screen magic that you visualized only in dreams.

Our team of experts and technologists are committed in creating visual wonder challenges as the best known VFX. Lifeless images and animatronics are crucial part in today’s entertainment and marketing industry.

Originality, outstanding ideas, uniqueness, creativity—all these are key to making successful media content which include films, television series, games and so on. IP rights shape each stage of the content producing journey. We at Epica are IP producers and we tell spellbinding home-grown stories developing persuasive characters, and our clients are assured of originality.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are soon becoming a part of our everyday experience. The aim of these tools is to get users engaged, involved, lost to the world and fortunately both AR and VR succeed in the purpose. And, in terms of technology and expertise we win hands down. Other than games, and of course Google glasses, there are a number of other areas that are vying to bring these technologies home. And we help our clients to do just that.

EPICA ELECTRONICSThe future of entertainment viewing is without doubt in 3D. SO SIT BACK and enjoy viewing 3D with naked eyes ( Glasses Free 3D Display ).

This grandeur of television viewing is as practical as it possibly can get. The same practice applies—sitting back on your couch and pushing that power button on your remote control and there!—except, the experience is far more superior. It is a treat to your senses!


Deco Horse




Golden Frame


Golden Frame




The Bedroom Relax

Ramoji RaoLegend Of Indian Film Industry

Project Indywood will enable Indian film industry to gain insights into taking our industry to the next level and compete with global players

Angelo Poggi CEO Smart Brands SRL

With our partnership with Epica, we will be able to use their expertise in animation to develop interesting content and also tap the talents from India for a lot of our internationally acclaimed projects. We intend to send our experts to Epica Studios to train the students in the latest technology and trends in the industry and also encourage them to work on ongoing projects.

BLOGTo keep up with our activities and announcements check for updates on our events blog for dates and details.

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KDX Debuts Intelligent HD Glasses-free 3D Products at CES 2016 in Las Vegas
January 11, 2016 - PRNewswire

3D industry leader KDX showcased its full range of intelligent HD glasses-free products at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show which began in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 6.

With nearly 4,000 manufacturers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world participating in the event, CES is the world's largest consumer electronics show and serves as a platform where the world's biggest electronics manufacturers can show off their latest product releases and highlight future trends.

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Hyd to host 2nd edition of Indywood Film Market next year
December 29, 2015 - indiatoday, Cityairnews

Hyderabad, Dec 29 (PTI) The city will play host to the second edition of All Light India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) and Indywood Film Market (IFM) which will be organised in August next year.

The events will be held by "Project Indywood", an initiative of film industry professionals in India and NRIs, at Ramoji Film City here between August 17?21.

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Learn Animatronics at 'Epica Animatica'
23rd November 2015 - indiaitnews, B live, new indian express

Epica Studios in association with Italy-based Smartbrands SRL announced the launch of ‘Epica Animatica’ - a state-of-the-art academy to teach Animatronics, 3D and VFX. The academy is the result of Indo-Italian joint venture to focus on international animatronics content development. Animatronics is a multi-disciplinary field which integrates anatomy, robots, mechatronice, and puppetry resulting in lifelike animation.

The first academy will be set up in Thiruvananthapuram by early next year and later in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. This was announced at press conference conducted at ALIIFF 2015 by Epica CEO Sohan Roy. He was accompanied by Epica managing director Jeemon Pullely and Smart Brands CEO Angelo Poggi.

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